About Us

Who is behind this?

With more than twenty years experience as a journalist, Julie Akins has served as News Director in network newsrooms around the nation. Additionally, she has reported as an on-air journalist in San Francisco and San Diego, as well as an on-air and investigative reporter in Tampa. Akins also worked with the Center for Investigative Reporting on their California Watch project. CIR is known for their work for PBS Frontline and Pro-Publica. Akins has written for numerous publications and taught journalism at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon and Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Akins majored in Political Science and was granted a fellowship with the Poynter Institute for investigative reporting. The focus of her most recent work is to chronicle homelessness throughout the west coast. Her work has been featured on CNN, and she is a frequent writer and lecturer on the subject. Akins partnership with AllCare Health, with a focus on Southern Oregon’s homeless, has been ongoing since 2017.

My friend Randy

Randy is my friend. He was homeless for more than 20 years. Through our many conversations and mutual interests I learned his story. By understanding more about his life I became curious about the lives of others. I'm grateful for my friends in all their ways of living, especially those who fall into homelessness from a system which leaves many behind. Here's Randy's full story I wrote for the newspaper:http://dailytidings.com/archive/park-chess-player-picks-up-the-pieces

Why Buses?

Why not buses? They are 240 square feet, steel frame construction with rigorous safety standards and are left behind by school districts after 12 years when they have 20 more good years on them. In a "skoolie" you can comfortably house a family with electricity, hot water, bathrooms and kitchens. They don't need city's to change laws and we can get them done quickly and economically. We need that because this is urgent. Kids cannot wait to grow up healthy--we must offer hope now while there's still time to nurture our future.