SLEEP BUS: Offering 5,110 Safe Sleeps

Sleep Bus Dignity

Our sleep buses provide private sleeping cars with individual plugs for cells phones and laptop charging and use.

It begins with a basic bus

We acquire fully running school buses by donation or purchase and begin our process of insulating and creating.

Step one: Create space

Once we acquire the bus we take everything out from floor to ceiling to walls and insulate, cover windows for max good sleep.

Everything begins with sleep

The fact is that no one can be healthy without a good and consistent night's sleep. We believe everyone should have a home of their own. But the reality is that thousands, 600,000 by latest estimates, don't have a place to sleep. These buses offer more than 5 thousand safe sleeps per year until our unhoused neighbors get on their feet.

Why sleep buses?

It's possible and relatively simple. While communities work toward affordable work force housing and permanent brick and mortar shelters for our growing homeless neighbors immediate solutions are needed. The Sleep Bus gives quick, effective and cost friendly answers right away. When it comes to health and safety--we cannot wait.

How it works

We can build a sleep bus for a fraction of the cost of renting or building a shelter: $12,500-$18,500 depending on bathrooms and furnishing.

No permits or neighbors to consult. Because the bus is mobile you can sleep folks without needing a lengthy process. Just park the bus in an RV park or church parking lot.